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Monday, October 03, 2016

Dead Weight

This is a simple but a fun and crafty idea you can use with many different stamps.  But in the spirit of October, I used a small skull stamp to create a little paper weight.

To make this paper weight you just need watercolors, a stamp, permanent ink, a glass pebble, and rubber cement.  

I painted several colored circles with watercolors, then I stamped the skull onto the dried circles. Then I placed the glass pebble on the  circle and traced them.  After that I cut out the circles to fit the pebble, then applied rubber cement on top of the stamped image and stuck it to the pebble.  

Leave it like that for paper weight or desk decoration, or add a magnet!

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Friday, August 26, 2016


Summer is on its' way out.  I had a little motivational trouble getting this calendar page done - but it's done.  I gathered up several back to school supply stamps and started stamping.  I also updated the site with a new FREE stamp - the cute little mini planner… 

Stamps Used:  Pen, Pencil, Owl, Nib, Nib2, FREE planner, and the number set (in purple)

I added a few new images - not a huge upload, but a few quotes and the pen nibs I used for this page.

I used an old chess book for this page, and I am just now reading the last sentence.  $1,000,000!

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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

July Fireworks

During the month of July all orders will get a FREE firework stamp - just for the fun of it!

I will include one of the three fireworks shown below.  I used them to create my July calendar page.

Happy July!

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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Hipster Beach Guy

Get this discontinued beach guy for a limited time!

I found this funny beach dude while I was flipping through the mega-catalog of all the images of 100 Proof Press.  I decided it would be fun to offer some of the more funny discontinued images.  This is the first one I'm bringing out of the vault.  Mr. Hipster Beach Guy.  

Here's a little something I made with him and the bag of seashell stamps.

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Friday, April 08, 2016

April Showers

April Showers inspired this quick card I stamped up the other day and I really like how it turned out.  First, I rubber stamped the umbrella on the watercolor paper.  Then I stamped the umbrella on a scrap paper and cut it out, and placed it over the umbrella on my card (masking technique).  Then I stamped the verbena flower head around in blue - trying to resemble some clouds I guess.  Then I watercolored the umbrella with red and  colored in the handle.  After that I added a few raindrops.  Around the edge I took a blue gelato went around the edge kind of heavily, then smudged it toward the center.  Added the stamped words "April Showers" then inked the edge with black.  Pretty simple,  but I love the look.

Stamps Used: Flower, Umbrella, Drop

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Watercolored Bird Family ATC

Light pinks, and blue birds - I really like the vintage Spring feel this bird ATC ended up having.  I used one of the first stamping techniques I ever experimented with - masking.


Stamps Used: Bird Family, Bird Tabvla, and Postes Persanes

Using Archival Ink I stamped the Bird Family on the ATC.  Then I stamped it again on thin paper and cut it out to create a mask. I placed the cut out piece on top of the stamped image on the ATC and then stamped the  Bird Tavbla in brown onto the mask protecting the image on the ATC.  Then I stamped the Postes Persanes in the corner and started using my watercolors on the ATC. Nothing too tricky. The last thing I did was go around the edges of the card and scuff up the sides and little bit of the card with the brown ink.  

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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Welcome March

Welcome March, birds, and green inspired stamping. This is the March calendar page I created.  I knew I wanted it to be green and use at least one bird stamp. Because nothing says March like green and birds.  I have written a little tutorial explaining how I created the background for this page.  Enjoy!

Green March calendar page featuring the Bird Tabvla

The big "technique" I used here was painting a gel medium over the parts of the page I did not want the green to go on.  I'll explain, follow along.

1. I stamped the Bird Tabvla Stamp with black Archival Ink.  Then I watercolored the birds ever so slightly.

2. Then I painted the oval parts of the stamp with Liquitex pouring medium.  Then I LET IT DRY. This created a coating over the stamped and painted image that resisted the ink and gelato pigment. 

3.  All around the image I smeared three colors of green gelatos.  Then I misted the whole page with water.

4. I placed bubble wrap ontop of the slightly wet page.

5.  Then I scrunched and scrunched the wet page smearing all the greens together (the yellow and blue colors were on the bubble wrap from a previous page I gelato-scrunched).

6. Then I lifted the bubble wrap and took a dry paper towel and blotted the parts that I covered with gel medium revealing the protected white parts.  

After the page dried I stamped the Spring Bouquet around the side edges in green and black.  Then I glued down a piece of sheet music with a scrap of white fabric.  Then I stitched down two twigs I found of my craft table with blue raffeta.

And that's my green-gelato-bird inspired very Marchy calendar page.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sleeping Fairy Stamp

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Calendar Cover 2016

I finally got around to stamping up my 2016 100 Proof Press calendar cover and January page.  I used watercolors and four stamps on the cover.  The first thing I did was stamp the Zodiac Tabula (one of my long-time favorite images) in black ink.  Then I painted the cover with watercolors in rainbow order.  Then I used the Balance Sheet and coral distress ink on the top for the background.  Then in the "center" I used stamped the Zodiac Chart with orange.  Finally I stamped the Star Group with yellow and smudged around the edge of the page with black ink.

Now the 2016 Calendars are on sale for only $3.00!

Get one and challenge yourself for the rest of the year to do a little stamp art each month.

I was inspired by a banner I created for the site a last year - this is the stamped version.

Stamps Used:  Fox, Tree, Girl with Tall Hat, Snowflakes, Cut Glass Design, and Comets

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Monday, October 12, 2015

A Flying SkullBat

Here's a spooky ATC that combines two stamps to make a new creature.  It is quick and easy to make...

To create this ATC you start by stamping some stars in orange on a white paper and the misting them.  Then ink up a piece of an old book with green ink and glue it onto the bottom half of the ATC.  Then go around the edges with black ink and stamp the screen stamp to create a spooky frame.  Then stamp, watercolor, and cut out the large bat.  Stamp the skull and then glue it onto the bat.  Then affix the SkullBat onto the ACT.

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