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Monday, July 28, 2014

Stamped Merfolk

I finally participated in an art swap!  RetroCafeArt hosted a Merfolk art swap, and I found some time this summer to stamp up a King and Queen of the Sea.  Many thanks to Kristin Hubick for all the work that went into getting the Merfolk organized.  Here are the two that I made, and if you visit my personal blog you'll find a few more details on how I created my Merpeople.  Have you ever participated in an art swap?

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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Sharp Owl and Purple Stars

I am always drawn to rubber stamps of owls and stars - and I combined the two to make this little piece of art.  I even got a little bit fancy with the background.  To make this background I used faber castell gelatos.  I rubbed some pink ones all over the honeycomb texture stamp and then spritzed with water and stamped them.  I also used a light green ink pad and stamped circles all over the place. 

After I made the background I stamped the stars and "prepare for happiness" with black ink. I used a little bit of purple chalk to color in each star.  I added a strip of washi tape - because I love the color green. Then I stitched the owl paper down on a piece of thick card stock that I prepared with pink gelatos.

I stamped the large sharp owl on a paper with text, and then again on a white piece of paper, which I cut out and used for the eyes.

Hoot hoot!

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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Any One For Mail Art?

I'm ready to make some mail art!  If you send me a decorated envelope, all pretty and stamped up, doodled, or sketched on, I will happily ship some mail art to you! 

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Birdsong - An Artist Trading Block by Michelle Zerull

I have another beautiful rubber stamped project by Michelle Zerull that is sure to make your heart sing. As I was filling Michelle's stamp order of bird heads and music lines I could tell she had a vision in mind.  I didn't know it was going to be an ATB, but I knew it was going to be lovely. Michelle created an Artist Trading Block (ATB) using a Sizzix Die from Eileen Hull.  Then she stamped some birds and colored them in with colored pencils.  She has more details about her inspiration and a little more details about how she created this ATB on her blog Pinch Your Chic. I love the added touch of the moss and how the block is displayed on twigs.  Very nice Michelle.

Stamps you see here: Music Lines and Northern Flicker Head

Woodpecker and Northern Flicker

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Funky Ladies by Joy Northrop

Last post we had some stylin' men on the blog, and today it's the ladies' turn! Bow chica wow wow.  These ATCs were created by Joy Northrop, our current guest artist.  I truly enjoy her imagination.

Stamps Used: ostrich head, star cloud

Stamp Used : Twins

Stamps Used: French Woman, Hello, stars

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Stylin Men of 100 Proof Press

Here's a set of 4 funky ATC's guest artist Joy Holder Northrop collaged and stamped up.  I love the creativity and wit.  These are some seriously funky hip dudes.  Just brilliant!

Stamps Used: chain, air filter face

Stamps Used: Small Poe, Nevermore

Stamps Used: Tattoo Dude, heart (from Hello)

Stamps Used: Geodesic Shape, Albert with pipe, and brilliant

I don't know about you, but these ATCs really make me want to make some of my own collaged-men. Stay tuned the ladies are next in the creative collage lineup!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Spring Journey with Joy Holder Northrop

I'm excited to introduce Joy Holder Northrop as a guest artist for 100 Proof Press!  She creates whimsical mixed media pieces that display a variety of techniques and materials.  I love the creative spirit she portrays in her artwork.  She runs an Etsy shop, autumnsensation, where her pieces are for sale.  Anyone for Croquet?  

I love how she created a shadowbox scene with a little hat on my favorite owl in front of the long tower row.  I can't wait to share the rest of her creations with you!  You can sign up for our newsletter, where I will be featuring several more of her works in the next week or so.  Just enter your e-mail into the box in the upper right corner of our website to say connected

"Spring Journey" - by Joy Holder Northrop
4" square and 1 1/2" deep

I took a Hallmark shadow box (it used to have some cliche about laundry inside it with a cheap plastic washing machine) and reworked it into its current form - a tiny, whimsical owl in a big, big city. He's on a spring journey. ;o)

Made with rubber stamps from 100 Proof Press, acrylic paint, vintage paper, a bit of glitter on the stars, washi tape and wood cut words. The back is white. There is a sawtooth hook for hanging as well as a built-in easel stand in the back. Plus, it can sit up on its own without assistance. Distressed around the edges, it is a charming tableau of whimsy. (I think I mentioned the whimsy factor already, but it bears repeating.)

You can connect with Joy on her Facebook Page, or in her Etsy shop.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mama Cat and Kitten Stamp Scene

I love this rubber stamp art scene featuring a Mama Cat walking her kitten across a field with friendly bugs. Isn't it adorable? I've never tried to create a serious stamp scene, but this piece makes me want to give it a try.  Do you create rubber-stamped scenes?

Stamps Used: Mama Cat and Kitten, Three Bugs, Landscape, Forest Edge, and Flying Bug

Stamp scene with black pigment ink

Using stencil, stiple clouds in sky with blue pigment ink

Stiple grass with several green pigment inks

Color the rest of the scene with Prismacolor pencils.

Layer scene onto card stock

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stamped Houses

Welcome to Silke's Neighborhood.  Have you ever stamped on a theme? Sometimes I think it's fun to get going with one idea and then create different pieces with different themes, yet staying with the same shape.  That is what Silke did here, she has created a neighborhood of creative houses each using a different collection of stamps, and embellishments.  So come along and tour Silke's Neighborhood with me...

House #1 The Original 

Stamps Used: record, brilliant, pep boys

House #2 - #13

Stamps Used: Smiling Guy, Really Locked Door, Music, Fancy Easel 

House #3 - B24

Stamps Used: Mme Birdcage, brilliant

House #4 #56

Stamps Used: Fly the Friendly Skies, Asleep on Beach

House #5 Caution

Stamps Used: Evil Man, Scroll Bird, Men in Pew, Bowtie

House #6 Sleep Tight

Stamps Used: Sleeping Fairy, Umbrella

I hope you've enjoyed the collection of paper houses created from Silke's artistic imagination.  I have really enjoyed sharing her artwork with you.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mixed-Media Magnets

Here is a fun idea from Silke Riger.  Surely every crafter has some odd and ends that could be turned into fun pieces of art for a fridge.  So get out your Mod Podge some stamps and paints and make some magnets.  They are small enough to complete in a short time - and your soul will smile after a little bit of time spent stamping it up!

Stamps Used: Have Some Tea,  Mode de Paris, A Babe (and the disco guy)

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