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Sara Vukson - Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rubber Stamping Tutorial by Andrea Ockey Parr

I'm very excited to introduce guest designer Andrea Ockey Parr.  She has been published in several stamping magazines, and inspired many artists with her works.  I was very happy when she accepted my invitation to create with 100 Proof Press Stamps.  Here is a wonderful, easy to follow stamping tutorial where Andrea explains how she created this "haze" around Little Red Riding Hood.  Enjoy!

By Andrea Ockey Parr

One of my favorite 100 Proof  Press images is that of Little Red Riding Hood.  The possibilities for this darling girl are endless!  On this card, I decided to make her into a travel girl and switch out her red cape for one that matched the color of the sky and the grass and the oceans.  Here's how I put it all together:

1.  I decided that I wanted Little Red to have a "haze" around her to make her really stand out.  So I started by making a stencil of the stamp.  I chose paper that was sturdy, but not so thick that it was a hassle to cut though.  Cardstock worked well.   Here she is in all her glory getting ready to be traced.


2. I  flipped her over and traced around her edges.

(STEP 2)

3. Here she is with her outline done.

(STEP 3)

4.  Next I cut out the inside of the traced shape.  If you want a lot of "haze" around your image, cut it bigger than the original.  If you only want a slight hazy outline, keep it closer to the actual size of the stamp.

(STEP 4)

5.  I now needed to stamp the image on the actual paper I'd be using for this project.  I stamped her on a flesh-colored background so that her skin would be the right shade.  Once I stamped her, I put my stencil template over the top of her, which you can see that I cut bigger than her actual shape.

(STEP 5)

6.  Using a make-up sponge, which I adore as a tool for inking, I simply dabbed all around her with teal, green, and black inks, being careful not to color her face green!

(STEP 6)

7. I removed the stencil and wah-la! An eye-catching haze surrounded my image!  I also added some pink chalk to her cheeks for some rosiness.

(STEP 7)

8.  After my central image was complete, I covered her up with a mask that matched her shape stamped the fabulous Mode de Paris Buttons stamp on top of her.  I removed the mask and the background was in place.  I cut out the button card and distressed the edges with brown and black ink.

(STEP 8)

9. For the card itself, I used an old map I had and layered some red bicycle Washi tape across the bottom.  I placed the button card on top and added a Washi tape crown to my travel girl's head.

(STEP 9)

10.  Using alphabet stamps, I created the "travel girl" sentiment.  I added a few more strips of Washi tape to the top and adhered the sentiment to the card.  To finish it off, I inked the edges with black and brown ink.  Here's the finished product!


If you enjoy the style of Andrea Ockey Parr, and her amazing talent, you should hop on over to her blog where she has more creations (even some with 100 Proof Press Stamps).

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