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Friday, September 20, 2013

A Raven Pocket - Stamping on Fabric

I get asked a lot if you can stamp on fabric.  And unfortunately it's not a simple yes or no answer it depends on a lot of things; the image, how much detail you need, the ink used, the fabric you are stamping on, and the surface.  This is an example of a large image, The Large Raven, and "Nevermore." stamped with Jet Black stAzon, on muslin fabric.  As you can see not all of the detail was captured onto the fabric, but the overall outcome is pretty spiffy.

This is was a quick little project  my sister and I worked on before our local parade - you wouldn't believe how much candy fit into that pocket! This may not answer all of your fabric-stamping questions, but it gives you an idea of one project idea that combines sewing with stamping!

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Friday, August 02, 2013

Cards with the Daydreaming Mermaid Stamp Set and Tsukineko Inks

It's August, and I'm trying to flip into Autumn mode - but I just can't do it yet.  So to keep the summer spirit alive a little bit longer, I'm sharing two beach-themed cards created by Teresa Abajo using the Mermaid Stamp Set.  The first one she made by ripping papers and layering them which echos the feeling of waves.  Then she stamped the images with two colors of Tsukineko StazOn (Azure - the dark blue, and Teal blue - the paler blue), and added a touch of twine to complete a summery-nautical feel.  

The second card she used the twine again, and stamped the shell plate onto paper, framed it with black cardstock and adhered to it another piece of white cardstock that was splatted and also stamped with an anchor.  

How are you keeping your summer alive? On a side note, Teresa lives in Australia, where she created these beautiful cards in the dead of winter - if you like her designs stop by her blog and say hi.

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